Auditions for “Supporting Cast”

Ramona Hillside Players will hold open auditions for “Supporting Cast”.
Directed by Susan O’Connel

Auditions July 18 – 19, 2016
All auditions begin at 7:00 PM

The audition will consist of cold readings from the script.  Please come prepared with a resume, head shot, pen/pencil, and list of conflicts.

Ellen, the wife of a successful author, has written a book about friends who are spouses of celebrities and what it is like to be married to Somebody Famous. She has invited them to her house on the beach at Malibu to let them read advance copies and to break the news to them gently that they are depicted warts and all. All nearly have apoplexy when they read the book because it really does tell all. When the news arrives that the book is to be made into a movie, they change their tune and get excited about which star will play them.

Ellen – The hostess is very good looking.  She is generally bright, alive, ever optimistic and happy.  Her hair, clothes, and makeup all look carelessly wonderful, yet great care always goes into all three.

Mae – Energized, feisty, attractive woman, enthusiastic about everything and everyone.  It is almost an over-reaction, except for its sincerity.  She is simply expansive and quite pretty.

Sally – Appears very eastern seaboard.  She demands ceaseless attention and sympathy, and speaks from an almost tragic and hurt place that seems oddly humorous, probably from the fact that in unguarded moments it is clear she is as strong as a bull.

Arnold – Is in his forties.  Very elegant, tense and jumpy.  His clothes are eastern and casual.  He is, to us, likable because he tries hiding his insecurities with a lot of suave…and it doesn’t always work.  He can be easily hurt or made foolish.

Florrie – An aging and pretty girl who is so very ordinary and even common one cant help but smile at the incongruity of her and her atmosphere.   She is perpetually smiling or overly serious and compassionate, trying always to help.

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