Member’s Meeting
We’re planning a Members’ Meeting for Saturday, Jan. 14 following the matinee performance of Divorce Sale (starting about 5 pm). We want to encourage the involvement of members beyond just those on the board of directors. (And we’ll offer a ticket discount for members and would-be members who come to see the Saturday matinee and stay for the meeting – sneaky, huh?)
Some planned discussions: 
*Formation of usher/house teams (a great way to help AND earn free show admission!)
*Formation of and training for tech teams—lighting, stage management, etc.
*Planning for the Players’ Awards performance set for August (we’ll need presenters and performers!)
*Ideas for the new season:  bring titles for shows you think would be perfect for the new season!
We hope to see you at the playhouse (for those who haven’t been there for a while, the only entrance is up Girard!).                                   
Let’s keep live theatre alive!

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