Beginner’s Luck
2015-2016 Season
2015-2016 Season
Release date:
March 4th - 13th 2016
Norman Barasch & Carroll Moore
Susan O'Connell


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The Plot

Paul after eight years of marriage decides he wants a night out. He’s supposed to be going bowling, but it’s another sport – an affair with a girl from his office. He arrives at her apartment and everything goes wrong, ending with the building catching on fire – bringing firemen and photographers. His picture appears in the paper and that’s the end of his affair and his marriage. A year later he and his ex wife, Sally, accidentally meet and in a mishap, he injures his knee. She sympathetically attends to it at her place and after a few drinks, they end up spending the night. He thinks he’s back in her good graces but learns to his chagrin that she now has many suitors, and one wants to marry her at once. Paul’s efforts to balk the marriage and win Sally back provide uproarious laughter.


Full Length Play



Paul Burnett:  Late 20’s to late 30’s. Ex husband of Sally, nice guy type, will do anything to win his wife back.

Sally Walker:  Late 20’s to late 30’s. Attractive, career girl type. Paul’s ex, enjoying her single life.

Scott Marlowe:  Late 30’s to late 40’s. Stuffy business man type. May be played British. Dating Sally.

Monica Rogers:  Early 20’s to early 30’s. Very sexy. Paul’s co-worker with whom he hopes to have an affair.

Karl:  Any age. Nosy window washer. Sees everything and knows everything. A bit eccentric.


Paul Burnett – Frank Jaramillo
Sally Walker – Melanie Johnson
Scott Marlowe – Shenn Sellers
Monica Rogers – Tylre Kelley
Karl – Raymond Phillips


Director: Susan O’Connell
Stage Manager: Daniell Garcia
Lights & Sound:  Esmeralda DeOrta
Set Design & Construction:  Daniell Garcia, Whitney D’Agostino, & Susan O’Connell

Director's Notes

Many years ago I had the pleasure of playing Sally in a production of “Beginner’s Luck” and I had such a good time that this was the first play I thought of to direct for the Ramona Hillside Players, and what do you know, it was fun this time too.

With such wonderful support from the Board of Directors and a cast of dedicated and talented actors and crew how could it be otherwise?

I hope you enjoy this silly, sappy and funny romp through the ups and downs of love and marriage.

It has truly been my pleasure to bring this great play to our always supportive audiences.

Thanks To

I would like to thank the Board of Directors of the Ramona Hillside Players for the opportunity to direct at their incredible theater.

To Vesta Gleissner for her invaluable assistance with costume embellishments.  Whitney D’Agostino, Emily Selden and Betty Neal for taking time from their busy lives to help paint our set and Peggy McQuown whose support and advice helped me keep my head above water and my feet on the ground.

Special thanks to Chris Garcia for the use of his voice as the preshow announcer and the voice of the Fireman.

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  • Ashleigh

    Love this production so SO much I’m going back again Friday! Could not stop laughing. My favorite…Scott.

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