Divorce Sale
2016-2017 Season
2016-2017 Season
Release date:
January 6th - 15th, 2017
1 hours 20 minutes
Linda Stockham
Vesta Gleissner

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Single Admission (everyone) is $15.00 per seat.
Opening Night Admission is $10.00 per seat.
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The Plot

As a soon-to-be divorcee holds a garage sale, her neighbors gather to help. In the process, their own marriages get the comic once-over. Bernice’s suspicions about her spouse’s faithfulness are driving him batty; Ozzie and Kay seem to have the perfect union — but their friends have yet to learn the story behind it; and Wilma is convinced her late husband has come back as a plant. Throw in a tell-it-like-it-is medium and a raucous seance, and you have a hilarious and telling look at the flip-side of marital bliss.


Full Length Play



BERNICE ROSENBLUM – Formerly an Army nurse in Vietnam, presently she works as a nurse at a community hospital.  Fifty-three years old.

LENA HILL– Tall, attractive but an unsure woman of thirty-eight.

KAY BRITMAN – Successful, responsible, and a stunningly beautiful woman in her late thirties to early forties.

TROY ROSENBLUM – BERNICE’S computer expert husband.  He is in his early fifties.

CHLOE – Aerobic instructor.  She is the “air brain” of the neighborhood.  CHLOE is in her late twenties.

OZZIE ROARKE – Huge, comical.  He is KAY’S husband, and a one-time actor who never really made it “big.”  Forty-five to fifty-five.

JOYCE – An exuberant woman.  Late thirties to early fifties.  (Cameo role.)

WILLARD – JOYCE’S philandering husband, whom she is divorcing. He can be anywhere from his late thirties to late fifties.  (Cameo role.)

WILMA – CHLOE’S eccentric but likable mother-in-law.  She is nearly seventy.

MADAM SZENDREI – Hungarian palmist, in her late sixties or early seventies


LENA HILL– Donna Lind
KAY BRITMAN – Monica Reichl
CHLOE – Melanie Johnson
OZZIE ROARKE – Kevin Speir
JOYCE – Nancy Hughes
WILLARD – Marvin McQuown
WILMA – Emily Ortega
MADAM SZENDREI – Susan O’Connell


Director: Vesta Gleissner
Stage Manager:  Danni Garcia
Assistant Stage Manager:  Yvonne Garcia
Lights:  Jessica Ward, Danni Garcia
Set Design & Construction:  Vesta Gleissner, Danni Garcia

Thanks To

Ramona Pageant Association

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Valley Chronicle

A special Thank You to the author Linda Juanita Stockham!  She has been a delight to work with and her input invaluable.

Announcement & Photography:  Chris Garcia

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  • Debbi Fox

    Cast consists of 10 characters: 7f, 3m (1f, 1m are cameos). Good age spread. Saw it as play-reading fund-raiser at Cal State San Bernardino when it was in its developmental stage. Funny. Very funny.

  • Linda

    Please note that the audition dates for this play are November 14 and 15, not 4 and 5.

    • rhp_master


      It has been corrected. Thanks for catching that.

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