Norman, Is that You?
2015-2016 Season
2015-2016 Season
Release date:
May 6th - 15th 2016
1 hours 30 minutes
Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick
Thomas Berry II

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Single Admission (everyone) is $12.00 per seat.
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The Plot

A father, whose wife of thirty years has left him, comes to New York to seek solace from his son and discovers his son is gay. Norman, Is that You? is considered to be the very first play to have dealt openly and comedically with homosexuality. Although it has been performed in over thirty-five countries, and is still going strong, the authors have now revised the script to give it a more contemporary feel. The new version, while just as funny as the the original, is now more in keeping with the times and is sure to be just as beloved by audiences – if not more.


Full Length Play


90 minutes

CAUTIONS:  Mild Adult Themes



BEN CHAMBERS – A man in his early fifties

NORMAN CHAMBERS – A young man in his mid-twenties

GARSON HOBART – Norman’s boyfriend, in his mid-twenties

MARY – A lady of the evening, in her mid-twenties

BEATRICE CHAMBERS – Ben’s wife, Norman’s mother, in her early fifties


GARSON HOBART – Perry Wooten
MARY – Jolena Carrion


Director:  Thomas Berry II
Stage Manager:  Danniell Garcia
Lighting / Sound:  Bret Cherland
Set Design:  Thomas Berry II
Set Building & Painting:  Cast and Crew

Director's Notes

Our society is going through so many changes…and with change comes growing pains.  We have to learn to expand our acceptance into areas that, for some, can be difficult…especially when we discover secrets about our loved ones that do not fit our image of them.  This does not mean however, that we can turn a blind eye or rant & rave for the goold ol’ days, as if what is obvious to all now, should remain hidden, as in the past.  Rather, “Norman, is that you?” is one of those plays that jokes with us, pokes fun at us, and causes us to confront our prejudices about others when the “other” turns out to be family.  If we love our family, we learn to have a happy truce if not outright accept who they are.  Sometimes it is hilarious to see this process of “prejudice to acceptance” for it mimics the internal insanity that we live through when dealing with the diverse nature of our communities.

This comedy put into perspective the truth we must live by to be happy:  The truth that married couples can get bored due to inattention; the truth that parents can’t live vicariously through their children but must let them find their own way; and finally, the truth that one can’t hide from the true nature of love.  I am hopeful that “Norman, is that you?” will re reaffirm how you see the world or perhaps help you understand a little better the predicaments that many families face in today’s society.  We must strive to abide by the good book and, “love one another, as I have loved you” (John 15:12), by trying to understand that this world is large enough and accepting enough to let everyone live in peace as they see fit.

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