Supporting Cast
2016-2017 Season
2016-2017 Season
Release date:
September 9th - 18th, 2016
George Furth
Susan O'Connell

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The Plot

Ellen, the wife of a successful author, has written a book about friends who are spouses of celebrities and what it is like to be married to Somebody Famous. She has invited them to her house on the beach at Malibu to let them read advance copies and to break the news to them gently that they are depicted warts and all. All nearly have apoplexy when they read the book because it really does tell all. When the news arrives that the book is to be made into a movie, they change their tune and get excited about which star will play them.


Full Length Play



Ellen – The hostess is very good looking.  She is generally bright, alive, ever optimistic and happy.  Her hair, clothes, and makeup all look carelessly wonderful, yet great care always goes into all three.

Mae – Energized, feisty, attractive woman, enthusiastic about everything and everyone.  It is almost an over-reaction, except for its sincerity.  She is simply expansive and quite pretty.

Sally – Appears very eastern seaboard.  She demands ceaseless attention and sympathy, and speaks from an almost tragic and hurt place that seems oddly humorous, probably from the fact that in unguarded moments it is clear she is as strong as a bull.

Arnold – Is in his forties.  Very elegant, tense and jumpy.  His clothes are eastern and casual.  He is, to us, likable because he tries hiding his insecurities with a lot of suave…and it doesn’t always work.  He can be easily hurt or made foolish.

Florrie – An aging and pretty girl who is so very ordinary and even common one cant help but smile at the incongruity of her and her atmosphere.   She is perpetually smiling or overly serious and compassionate, trying always to help.


Ellen – Laura Cherland
Mae – Gina Kraut
Sally – Melanie Rose Johnson
Arnold – Shenn Sellers
Florrie – Alexandra Miller


Director: Susan O’Connell
Stage Manager:  Danniell Garcia
Lights / Sound:  Jessica Ward
Set Construction:  Danni Garcia, Whitney D’Agostino, Bobbie Garcia, and Peggy McQuown
Set Painting:  Bret Cherland, Natalia Apffel, Brandon Bohanon, Kelsie Bohanon, Sarah Kreedman, Anna Lane, and Jai Proppe

Director's Notes

Many years ago I had the pleasure of playing Ellen in a production of “The Supporting Cast” and I had such a good time that I decided it would be perfect for the Ramona Hillside Players.  And what do you know, it was fun this time too.  With such wonderful support from the Board of Directors and a cast of dedicated and talented actors and crew how could it be otherwise?

The director of a play is the one who receives all the congratulations for a job well done.  But I happen to know from experience that the director is only a small cog in a very large wheel.

No play can succeed without the many volunteers who keep that wheel turning and “The Supporting Cast” is no different.  Without the help and hard work of our friends, relatives and the people who are just willing to give of themselves, we could not enjoy such a fine finished product.

I hope you enjoy this silly comment on the situations we Californians endure every year and the relationships, good and bad, we can only have the people we love the most.

It has truly been my pleasure to bring this great play to our always supportive audiences.

Thanks To

The Ramona Bowl Amphitheater

Easy Ad

Marvin McQuown

Golden Era Productions

Danni Garcia, Whitney D’Agostino, Bobbie Garcia & Peggy McQuown for helping to the build the set.

Natalia Apffel, Brandon Bohanon, Kelsie Bohanon, Sarah Kreedman, Anna Lane, and Jai Proppe for helping to paint our set.

Vesta Gleissner for set decorations.

Brian and Joanne O’Connell for the use of their bar and patio table.

Beatrice Massey for the use of her beautiful patio furniture.

And especially Bret Cherland for the use of his talent, his skill, his students and his wife.

Showtime & Tickets

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    The buy tickets button doesn’t work on this website, calling on the phone doesn’t work like it use to.
    I’d like to reserve two tickets for opening night on the 9th. Please let me know how to proceed?

    • rhp_master


      Hi Steve,
      The online ticket sales will start on Friday, August 26th. If you come back to the site on that date, you will be able to pick your date, along with your seats. Could you please explain what you mean by calling on the phone doesn’t work like it used to? Calling our phone line will take you to our voicemail where you can leave a message. The phone messages are checked and someone will get back to you. Your best course of action is to visit our site on August 26th to reserve your seats when they are available. Or if you prefer, you can leave a message on our phone line. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

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