The Gin Game
2016-2017 Season
2016-2017 Season
Release date:
August 18th - 20th, 2017
D.L. Coburn
Peggy McQuown

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The Plot

This winner of the 1978 Pulitzer Prize, uses a card game as a metaphor for life. Weller Martin is playing solitaire on the porch of a seedy nursing home. Enter Fonsia Dorsey, a prim, self righteous lady. They discover they both dislike the home and enjoy gin rummy, so they begin to play and to reveal intimate details of their lives. Fonsia wins every time and their secrets become weapons used against one another. Weller longs for a victory to counter a lifetime of defeats but it doesn’t happen. He leaves the stage a broken man and Fonsia realizes her self-righteous rigidity has led to an embittered, lonely old age.


Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy


FONSIA DORSEY – Prim and proper, Fonsia appears to be a fragile victim who has been abandoned to the run-down.

WELLER MARTIN – A man who sees life in terms of winning and losing. He is terribly competitive and deeply bitter.


FONSIA DORSEY – Kathleen Walker
WELLER MARTIN – Allen Purchis


Director: Peggy McQuown

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  • Norma Ferrales

    I will be out of town that weekend. Sorry to miss it. You have two fabulous actors, and I know they will do a wonderful job.
    Break A Leg!!

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