To Grandmother’s House We Go
2015-2016 Season
2015-2016 Season
Release date:
November 6th - 14th 2015
2 hours 0 minutes
Joanna McClelland Glass
Peggy McQuown

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Single Admission (everyone) is $12.00 per seat.
Opening Night Admission is $5.00 per seat.
For large groups and school field trip packages, please call for more details.

The Plot

Grandie lives in a large Connecticut Victorian house with her witty brother a retired art historian; her elderly maid/companion, and her widowed daughter an artist. Inflation has taken its toll on their wealth, but Grandie’s exacting standards remain unaltered. It is Thanksgiving and the three grandchildren visit: a divorced mother who lost custody of her children, a divorced father with custody of his children and a new fiancee, and the youngest who has just separated from her husband. All have requests to ask of the matriarch.


Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy


GRANDIE: (Emma) An elegant, widowed woman, 81.
HARRIET: Grandie’s daughter, 57, mother of three. Harriet was widowed at 30. She is a strong, substantial woman of few words.
MUFFY: Harriet’s daughter, 28. A lost waif, an urchin.
CLEMENTINE: An Irishwoman, four years Grandie’s junior, 76. She came to the house as a Nanny but now serves as cook/companion, housekeeper.
JARED: Grandie’s handsome brother, widowed, 75.
BEATRICE: Harriet’s daughter, 33. A deeply wounded woman who wears her scars on her sleeves.
PAUL: Harriet’s son, 36. A good-looking man who has been buffeted by the events of his life, but who remains gentle, cheerful, without rancor.
TWYLA: A California real estate agent, 26. She is Paul’s “intended.” She, too, is essentially cheerful, friendly, a straight arrow without airs or artifice.


GRANDIE – Harriet Briant
HARRIET – Norma Ferrales
CLEMENTINE – Vesta Gleissner
JARED – Frank Siebke
BEATRICE – Angela McQuown
PAUL – Shenn Sellers
TWYLA – Tylre Kelley


Director: Peggy McQuown
Stage Manager: Joshua Soto
Stage Assistant:  Kaylee McQuown
Lights and Sound: Daniell Garcia
Lighting Design:  Bret Cherland
Props and Costumes:  Cast and Crew
Set Design:  Peggy McQuown
Set Construction:  Beatty Neal and Marvin McQuown
Set Painting:  Peggy McQuown, Betty Neal, & E.J.

Director's Notes

The first play I attended at RHP was the dress rehearsal of “California Suite” in 1979 (Vesta was in it).  My joke is that “I haven’t been at home since”.  This is my 36th or 37th play to direct, and I have stage managed around 60 productions.  My entire family has been involved in every production, in some way, and support me no matter how much time I spend here at the Playhouse.

When you are involved in a production, you acquire another family with the cast and crew.  Most of these people are talented and truly nice.  Once in awhile, someone shows up who has an “ego” problem and makes life difficult for those in the production.  I have been so fortunate to have encountered only a couple of these people over the pas 36 years.

So, my message is this:  Putting on a show is a wonderful, amazing process and I have been blessed by having these people in my life.  We work hard.  We have lots of laughs.  Sometimes we have to cry just a bit.  But we do what needs to be done to bring to the stage a production that we will be proud of and that you, the audience, will appreciate.  Some shows may make you laugh, some may bring you to tears, some may make you think and give you a topic of discussion.  We want you to appreciate what you have seen and know that, without an audience, we just couldn’t do it.

Finally, next year will be our 75th and we want to keep going.  We can use your help by getting people to come to see a show.  As costs go up for producing shows, electricity and maintaining this old building, we know that if we don’t fill the seats we will soon run out of funds.  Thank you for your generous support of our little theater.

Thanks To

Easy Ad
The Valley Chronicle
Ramona Bowl
Unity Chapel
Betty Neal
Marvin McQuown
Bret & Laura Cherland
My Amazing Friends from Unity who allow me to ask them over and over again for “stuff” for my plays.
Last, but not least, this talented, generous, creative cast and crew for a wonderful experience.

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