A Bench in the Sun
2016-2017 Season
2016-2017 Season
Release date:
November 11th - 20th, 2016
Ron Clark
Laura Robitaille

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Single Admission (everyone) is $15.00 per seat.
Opening Night Admission is $10.00 per seat.
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The Plot

Harold and Burt, longtime friends, live in a retirement home and spend their days on a bench in the garden bickering. A once famous actress has just moved in, giving them something new to argue over. When they learn that the home is about to be sold and they will have to find a new residence, the three join forces to prevent this upsetting development.


Full Length Play



Burt – A true pessimist who considers himself a realist.  Clothing means nothing to him.

Harold – A meticulous dresser.  He uses a cane.  Harold is a guarded optimist.

Adrienne – An ex-actress who still manages to be a bit of a flirt.  Adrienne believes in the goodness of people and everything else.


Burt – Frank Siebke
Harold – Murray Robitaille
Adrienne – Judi Phares


Director: Laura Robitaille
Stage Manager:  Elvin Ruiz
Set Design and Construction:  Murray Robitaille & Laura Robitaille
Sound and Lighting:  Esmerelda DeOrta

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