Cast List for “Almost, Maine”

Cast List for “Almost, Maine”
Congratulations to those cast for our next production of “Almost, Maine”. For those of you who were not cast, thank you for taking the time to audition for our show. Competition for parts is high, especially when one considers that so many of those who auditioned were extremely talented. We hope you will all consider auditioning again in the future.
Pason Sellers as Pete
Celeste Cruz as Ginnette
Bret Cherland as East & Phil
Laura Cherland as Glory and Marci
Thomas Berry as Jimmy
Nancy Wilson as Sandrine
Lisa Fulton as Waitress
Shenn Sellers as Steve
Joey Mercado as Marvalyn
Diego Cruz as Lindall & Dave
Karina McQueen as Gayle
Neal Handy as Chad
Owen Newborn as Randy
Mark Branyon as Danny
Cherie Gero as Hope
Julie Ngo as Rhonda

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